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   Question and Answer
1.Who are the Insurance Broker?

  They are the professionals who have to be licensed by Bank Negera Malaysia under the Insurance Act 1996 and / or under
  the Takaful Act 1984.They also have to be members of The Malaysian Insurance and Takaful Brokers Association (MITBA)
  which imposes very stringent requirement in regard to professionalism and financial standing and it is this professional
  body which will act on complaint from the public in order that all brokers follow a strict code of ethics and conduct.
2.What do insurance brokers do?

 • They assist individuals, businesses, firms and corporations to make adequate arrangements for their insurance needs.

 • They assist and advise the clients on what risk to insure against and how much cover is required.

 • They explain the complexities of insurance documents in simple language.

 • They select the policy which exactly suits the client from the policies of a range of insurers.

 • They help the clients with claims.

 • They keep in touch with clients and advise them when renewals or amendments to policies are necessary.

 • They vet policies/endorsement and ensure that premium/refund are correct before sending them to your office.

 • In short, they provide expertise on all aspects of insurance, administer & streamline them & yet they are not on your payroll.
3.Why should you use State Insurance Brokers?

  Insurance are tricky business as they are very specialized contracts. They offer you, the insured, a "promise to pay" but
  only under Specific Terms. As such, an important part of our service is to guide you through the maze of "exclusion",
  "limitations", "warranties", "endorsements", "memorandum", "clauses" and other technical jargon to a clear understanding
  of what you are buying.
4.How can you benefit from State Insurance Broker's service?

  You will gain benefits from their expertise on insurance coverage, cost & service-coverage will be maximize, cost will be
  improved & service will be intensified.
5.Is it expensive to use State Insurance Brokers?

  No, State's services are free of additional charge to their clients. We receive remuneration in the form of brokerage from
  the insurance companies in recognition of the insurer's cost savings when dealing with us as your broker.
6.What services do State Insurance Brokers provide?

 • risk evaluation.
 • claims service.
 • risk management planning.
 • policy/endorsement checking.
 • policy design innovation.
 • property loss control.
 • premium comparison/checking.
 • policy review & analyze.
 • premium collection/compliance to best practice.
 • one stop centre for all types of insurances.
7.If we have a claim, how do we do it most effectively?

  Lodging a claim involves the production of necessary documentation, maintaining contact with the insurer & presenting your
  case. As your broker, we will ensure that no time is lost in carrying out the proper formalities to pave the way for a prompt
  & fair settlement.
8.Can we be sure that the insurance company with whom we placed our insurance is financially sound?

  To find an insurer who is both reliable & competitive, it is essential to know the insurance market intimately.
  Achieving a blend of security & competitive rates on behalf of our clients is our job. Our reputation depends on making
  certain that the insurer with whom we place our clients' business performs as our clients expect.
9.Which Insurers can give us the best terms?

  Different Insurers specialize in different forms of insurance & their appraisals of risks may vary widely.
  It is our business to seek out the cover most appropriate to our clients' need at the competitive cost.
10.In view that State Insurance Brokers earn brokerage from the Insurers, how does the relationship affect us?

  Our loyalty is entirely to our clients who appoints as their broker.
  We are completely detached in selecting suitable insurers for our clients' business on the ground of economy, stability
  & performance. In the final analysis, it is the clients who provide our revenue by entrusting with us his insurances to place.
11.Do many companies consult State Insurance Brokers?

  More than four hundred large companies in Malaysia place their insurance through us. They are leaders of their respective
  industries. The risks today are too complex, the choices of policies in the insurance market too varies for the average
  company to be able to afford a "do it yourself" insurance program or through agents who represent the Insurers' interest.