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   Life Insurance
Life insurance is designed primarily to protect your family’s financial security after you die. It can be used to settle a mortgage, financial obligations and to provide a source of income.

In short, the life insurance proceeds is to pay off your debts and support your dependants by replacing some or all of your income if you die. It is like a barter trade where you pay a premium to an insurance company and in return they guarantee you a “sum” if something happens during the life of the policy

We look into how to match your insurance needs with the right product and close the GAP between your expectation and what the market can offer. Some of the products in our stable are :-

 1. Term Life
 2. Whole Life Par or Non Par
 3. Endownment
 4. Investment Link
 5. Universal Life

Conceptually, products are use to provide funding for various objectives. Among some of the need of insurance are :-

 1. Income Continuation to Family members
 2. Income Continuation to self in retirement, in total disability and Critical Illness situation
 3. Reimbursement for major medical and hospitalisation expenses
 4. Settlement of debts ie housing or personal loans
 5. Keyman Insurance to ensure business’s cash flow lifeline is maintain
 6. Buy Sell Agreement in Succession Planning– to ensure funding is available for partner’s share
     purchase and ensure a smooth transition of ownership in case of the demise of a partner

But some types of life insurance can also help you build assets to meet needs during your retirement and because it can serve different functions within your overall investment strategy.

Your life insurance premiums will vary according to a number of factors, including the sum assured, the length of your policy, individual lifestyle factors such as your age, occupation, gender, state of health and smoker status.

Usually you'll pay premium for a period of time but some are provided with options that can increase the level of cover as you go. On the whole, though, you are likely to want your level of cover to be reducing rather than increasing. As such, plan and manage your financial obligations well, you don't want to be paying for something you don't need.