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Crop Insurance
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Injury cover
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Workers’ Compensation
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State Insurance Brokers Malaysia is established since 1973.  With more than 35 years behind us, we have built trust and reliability for offering an informed and professional service to industrial, commercial and personal clients throughout Malaysia.

We aim to be the best brokerage firm in the region, may not be the biggest but always aspire to be a client’s broker of choice by consistently exceeding expectations. Hence we have gained the respect for our resourcefulness and competitiveness from our clients and among all major insurers.

Customer’s satisfaction is and always will be a major key to our business strategy.  For this fundamental reason our staffs are required to improve their knowledge, skills and the resilience to work in a highly competitive environment which invariably is for the benefits of our clients.

Armed with extensive market knowledge, innovation, experience and expertise we are confident to advise on and recommend the most suitable insurance products to our clients. We are conscious to work within your budget.

Brokers are key partners for insurance solutions and this clearly put our focus on serving and innovatively solving or meeting out client needs.

Our top lines of business include Hull and Machinery Insurance, Protection & Indemnity, Property and Casualty, Employee Benefits, Engineering Risks and Life Insurance Products whether individuals or groups.

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Office: Kuala Lumpur

No 10, Jalan Manau
Off Jalan Kampong Attap

Tel. +6 (03) 2272 3855
Fax. +6 (03) 2272 3857
Telex. MA32806 STATE